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CASITAS KINSOL is a family owned and operated, pet-friendly vacation rental. We rent 8 private rooms and bungalows year round. Our affordable rates start at US $29.00 per night for 2 adults.

Each room comes with its own private bath and a full-size bed; some rooms come with an extra individual bed. For those of you who want to prepare your own meals, four of the rooms have a kitchenette.

We, the owners, live most of the time on site so you can count on us to get the best attention and service; and we will do our best to touch your heart: see what our guests say about us.

We are not a bed and breakfast (as we do not offer any breakfast); we operate as a guesthouse.

We are not located by the beach or along the beach.

Your pets (dogs and cats) are welcome (at extra cost). Three dogs and a cat are full-time hosts on the property.



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- The rooms of hotels can be boring and without any charm or personality: at Casitas Kinsol, each room is unique with its own "touch", with some original paintings from the owner and artist.

- The best experiences come by staying with local people. Casitas Kinsol is located in the heart of the township of Puerto Morelos (a Mexican local low income neighborhood called "La Colonia"), in the heart of the local population: this is the "real Mexico"; you are not in a fancy resort with no contact with Mexico...

- A jungle cove, downtown "La Colonia" in Puerto Morelos; no tree was taken down: the buildings were "designed around" the mother nature.

- A pet friendly facility: three dogs are full-time hosts. They work hard giving back plenty of love.

- Basic accommodations for the budget traveler. Cheap rooms with their own private bath.

- Rustic rooms with Mexican arts and craft decoration.

- Easy access to cheap transportation: taxis, mini-buses ("colectivos") and long range first class buses at the nearby bus stop. We are at walking distance from the ADO bus stop / station (4 blocks away).

- Backpackers are welcome.


Casitas Kinsol is for the budget and smart travelers in search of a real Mexican experience, off the beaten paths: immerse yourself within the local Mexican population; eat where the locals eat, shop where the locals get their groceries, enjoy the simple life and the attractions of a Friday or a Saturday night with the locals at the main square. Casitas Kinsol is a different experience with a luxuriant nature in the heart of the downtown  "La Colonia" (West of the main highway) in Puerto Morelos. Listen to the free concerts provided by the birds who have made Casitas Kinsol their home. Plan a retreat with us in an alternative lodging.





For a number of people, the fast-paced action and the crowd of Cancun can be very overwhelming. Some people are just not up to that kind of all-night parties usually done there. Puerto Morelos is the answer with a family slow-paced life style; it is a relaxing, laid-back alternative to the bustle of Cancún with a lovely white sandy beach and pristine reef offshore. It's also the only working fishing village from Cancún as far as Tulum that has not been entirely consumed by the tourism. Casitas Kinsol is located in the heart of the neighborhood called "La Colonia" of Puerto Morelos, 2 blocs from the main square (the one located on the West side of the main highway Cancun-Tulum) and in front of the old municipal market:


- 25 minutes from Cancun international airport. Make it your first stop on the Yucatan peninsula before you head for the Mayan adventures: this is the perfect place for a landing in between the airport and the beaches South (Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum).

- Half way between Cancun and Playa del Carmen: the perfect location to visit the Mayan Riviera or to conduct businesses on the Mayan Riviera.

- Four blocks from the bus stop, two blocks from the Zocalo (main square). Convenient stores, groceries, fruit mini-markets, small restaurants and economic eateries are on the corner of the block.

- 2.0 miles (3.2 kilometers) from the white sandy beach of this small fishing town. You can rent the bicycles from us and easily reach the sandy beach of Puerto Morelos.





- Affordable rates: starting at US $29.00 per night for two (2) adults.

- Outstanding attention: we want you back!

- Clean and rustic rooms and bungalows with basic services: no A/C but a fan in each room. And a private bathroom with toilet, a shower and a lavabo. All rooms are non-smoking.

- A unique decor: no room is alike; each room has its own touch and personality.

- A luxuriant nature: lime tree, orange tree, mango tree, guayaba tree, papaya tree, mamey tree, soursop, coconuts,... in a jungle cove.

- To preserve Casitas Kinsol's jungle cove: no more building will be raised on our lot!!!

- You'll be able to have your own fresh juice every morning!!! (from the local grocery store, on the corner).

- A family and pet friendly atmosphere. We don't have kids (kids are welcome), just three dogs (a mini-pincher and two dogs from the street that adopted us). They will touch your heart: you come as a client, you'll leave as a friend.

- A seductive experience.

- A different experience.

- You will nurture yourself in the nature: it's up to you to enjoy the surrounding nature. The flora and the fauna are the best: do some bird-watching on site.

Take a nap in a hammock under the mango tree and let us know how this experience can change your perception of nature.


When you come to Casitas Kinsol in Puerto Morelos, put away the thoughts of everything you left behind. Get some sand between your toes and start making the really important decisions in life: a nap or a bike ride...snorkeling or diving...a visit at the botanical garden or the crocodile farm...funky music or reggae...seafood or Mexican (100% authentic) dishes....a margarita or a Michelada...





Our name "Casitas Kinsol" is a play on words in different languages that do not relate to KingSol or King Sol which can be some Spanglish for the Sun's King or the King of the Sun.

- Casitas means "little houses" in Spanish.

- Kin (in Maya) refers to "sol" in Spanish which means: the sun (in English).

Casitas Kinsol could be translated as the "little houses of the Sun"

By reversing KinSol to SolKin (tzolkin), the word refers to the solar calendar.




For immediate assistance, call us in Mexico at + 52 998-206-9152




Casitas Kinsol is a family-owned and operated vacation / holiday rental. These huts, bungalows and rooms are for rent by the owner. This is not a vacation rental condo or a holiday flat for rent; this is not a vacation house or a villa to let. The property counts with 8 individual rooms, with private baths. They are located in the heart of Puerto Morelos (the town - but not the port / beach area) on the Mayan Riviera - Caribbean coast of Mexico. Its convenient location is only 5 minutes drive from the beach of Puerto Morelos and 35 minutes from Cancun (25 minutes from Cancun international airport). The daily rate starts at $29.00 US Dollars for 2 persons. Ask for our week-long discounts.



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